Flat Head

Also referred to as “Traditional” print head technology. Designed as a low cost-of-ownership style of print head, flat head print heads will print on most common materials (paper labels, plastic tags), and will typically maintain their lifespan longer than their near-edge counterpart.

Flat Head Printers are best suited for:

  • Box and Pallet Labelling
  • Shipping Labels
  • Product Labels

Near Edge

Near-Edge print heads were built for high-speed, high-demand printing. The smaller point of contact of a near-edge printer allows ribbons to adhere to substrates faster, resulting in a printer that can print at speeds much quicker than can be achieved with the traditional flat head. They will also allow for a thicker material to be passed through the printer, offering a significant improvement in product labelling flexibility.

Near Edge Printers are ideal for:

  • Horticultural (loop tags and pot stakes)
  • Flexible packaging
  • Lumber
  • Clothing and Textile
  • Shelf tags