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RSS is a major distribution point for thermal transfer ribbons.

We stock common sizes for most makes and models, and we can special order anything our clients need.

From our premium wax composition, designed for shipping labels and general purpose labels, to our extreme resins,
used in labs and for asset tracking.

RSS IT Systems has the solution.

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Product Description

Premium Wax

RSS’s Premium Wax ribbon allows the most flexibility for our clients at the lowest price. Originally developed for use in warehouses and shipping offices, our Premium Wax ribbon has proven to be a very durable ribbon.


Wax / Resin

Designed primarily for the Near-Edge market, Wax/Resin thermal transfer ribbons are slowly becoming a fixture for flat head printers as well for clients who are looking to get more durability out of their ribbons without going to a full resin composition. The perfect blend of performance and cost.



For those looking for the best possible staying power for their ribbons, we have a variety of resin ribbons available to choose from. Used anywhere from vehicle parts labeling and underwater label applications, to medical vial labeling and GHS-approved drum labeling. RSS has a large range of resin ribbons available to their clients depending on their needs.


Specialty ribbon

We also supply specialty ribbon like colored ribbon, extreme temperature resistance and chemical resistance etc. Reach out to us for more information.