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Product Description

General Repairs


We provide on site service to the BC mainland and offer excellent send in service to lessen your downtime!
Give us a quick turnaround time on all repairs, and we will make sure your production downtime will be limited as much as possible.


Full Preventative Maintenance Packages


Thermal printers contains so many driving units such as gears and belts, just like your car.

All these driving units wear down over the time of use and need to be maintained to keep the printer in a good shape.

We recommend doing a maintenance service for your printer every year.

Our full preventative maintenance package includes:


  • Full cleanup of media and electronics bays to remove any upturned labels, external debris, and paper dust and label adhesive.
  • Re-calibration and cleaning of all media sensors and ribbon sensors
  • Cleaning, inspection, and reconditioning of all drive rollers
  • Visual inspection of all moving, including drive belts, pulleys, motors, and gears
  • Adjusting of print head to ensure proper print quality


Print Station Setup


We know it is never easy to setup a thermal printer when you are unfamiliar with it.

Our print station setup service includes installing printer driver, ensuring communication between computer and printer and training on loading the media.


Software Installation and training


Installing and working with BarTender can be complicated if your staff are not familiar with computers.

Especially when you need label templates with database connection, print-time data input or automated data etc.

We offer BarTender installation and training session which promise your software is ready to use and your staff is mastered at designing label templates.