The Toshiba B-EX4 can become wireless with the WLAN module installed.

Unlike LAN setting, the WLAN setting cannot be changed on the printer itself.

We will have to use a software provided by Toshiba in order to connect the printer to the network.

Please follow the instruction below.


1. Download the software from Toshiba website below

Select the SettingToolSoftware and accept the agreement before clicking on to the Download button

2. Once you have the file downloaded, install it

3. To change the settings on the printer through the software, you need to have the printer connects to the computer with an USB cable and power on the printer

4. Open the software and select your printer model at the front page

5. Go to Parameter Setting on the left, and click on to Get Parameter at the bottom

6. Go to the WLAN tab on the top

7. Check the box next to WLAN Detail and type in the name of your network (Access Point) under ESS ID

8. If there is a password set on your network, check the box next to Authentication

9. Change the setting under Authentication according to your network setting

10. If you are using WEP as the password type, check the WEP box on the right and enter the password below

11. If you are using WPA as the password type, go to the WLAN (2) tab on the top

12. Check the WPA-PSK box and enter the password

13. Once everything is set, click on to the Set Parameter button at the bottom

14. The printer will go into setting mode once the setting is changed. You can now click on to Restore to Online and it should bring the printer back to online state

15. The printer should connect to the wireless network automatically once it powers on